A Green Screen Video Contest Can Boost Profits and Employee Morale

Video Contests Are A Fun Way To Motivate Employees

Whether you already use video for your company's website or just beginning to look into the benefits, a great way to fill your site with interesting videos is to do an internal contest among employees. You hired your employees for a reason, so put them to work and incentivize them at the same time.

You need to begin by thinking about what type of videos you actually want for your website. Do you want an introduction to every department and the people who work there? Or do you want videos that specifically highlight what your business does? Or maybe you want more casual videos with employees talking about why they like working for your company? Whatever you need, that has to be decided before you kick off the contest.

Next, divide everyone up either by department or in groups with an equal amount of people in each. Tell them what kind of videos you're looking for and challenge them to be creative in coming up with innovative and amazing ideas. Give them a certain amount of time to come up with ideas, create storyboards, and collect anything they need to make the video successful. In the meantime, schedule a block of time at Gearshift, and then create time slots for each employee team to come in and film their video. Allowing them to shoot in a professional green screen studio puts them all on an even playing field and pretty much guarantees a professional product that you can use for your business.

Once all the videos have been filmed, screen them with the executive team or another team you've designated to be the judges. Have a party in the office and announce the winners at that time—with a sweet prize lined up for them so that all of their hard work has been worth it. This is a great way to boost employee morale while also improving your company's web videos and, ultimately, increasing your profits.

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