A Studio Rental Doesn't Have to Break the Bank


Many people are intimidated by the clutter and bustle of a professional video studio and the complicated-looking consoles, the professional-grade video cameras, the editors hunched over their fancy computers, the lights and microphones dangling all around, and the big “green screen” on which footage or special effects can be projected. All of this equipment and personnel must cost a lot of money—and if you choose this studio to produce your YouTube video or TV commercial, you’re probably worried you'll be facing a hefty bill.


Well, it's true that you need to invest a few thousand dollars in a video shoot. Whether or not you consider this “expensive” will depend on the size of your business and what you hope to accomplish with the resulting product. But you can rest assured that  an in-house video shoot is much less pricey than on on-location shoot, where you have little or no control over the weather, lighting conditions, available shooting locations, or even snags in transportation.


If you choose to rent a studio from Gearshift in which to produce your TV commercial or web video, you can rest assured that you'll be quoted a competitive price that offers you a staff of seasoned professionals that know what they're doing and some of the best sound, lighting, video, and green screen equipment in the DC area. Intrigued? Call Gearshift today at 703-962-1270 to learn what's involved in a studio rental!

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