A Tiny Green Screen Won't Do You Much Good

When you rent a green screen studio, you want the “green screen” part of the equation to live up to its billing. Specifically, your needs may not be served by a green screen that covers only a small patch of wall, which won't be enough to provide a suitable background for all your props and on-screen talent—and you certainly don't want anything smaller. Some so-called “green screens” are nothing more than glamorized, oversized computer monitors!

At Gearshift, we know green screen technology should fill an entire room (if you so desire) and be flexible enough to accommodate the shooting needs of our clients. Our green screen studios feature 400 square feet of floor space (20' X 20') as well as eight-foot tall ceilings that can accommodate all manner of lighting and sound equipment. Most importantly, the green screen can be adjusted to fill as much of this studio space as you desire, whether all you need is a small patch of back wall on which to project footage or an immersive “virtual” environment that fills the entire room.

Don't waste your time at DC-area green screen studios offering too-small green screens that are years removed from current technology. At Gearshift, we offer state-of-the-art green screen studios that will be sure to meet the demands of your TV commercial or YouTube video. Questions? Call us today at 703-962-1270 to learn what we can do for you!

Jim Folliard
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