Control Issues? Then Green Screen Is for You

Control freaks rejoice! Our Northern Virginia green screen video studio eliminates almost all of the unexpected events that can ruin an on-location shoot. In a temperature controlled, fully lit and powered studio, all you have to worry about is performing well on camera. And, in case you still think you can control everything (even in the great outdoors), read on.

Out of Doors = Out of Control

At an on-location shoot, anything and everything can happen. And, oftentimes, no amount of planning can prepare you for these events. You can laugh them off and reshoot the video, but this can waste precious time and money.

Things that have interrupted or ruined an on-location shoot include:

  1. People walking in front of the camera
  2. People making a scene—waving, yelling, etc.—behind the subject
  3. A sudden downpour
  4. High temperatures causing a sweat-fest
  5. Animals wandering into the shot and doing their business

We don't want to give on-location shoots a bad rap. We do them a lot and love the results we get when things go right. But, if you like things to go as planned or are a bit of a control freak, we think you might prefer our Virginia green screen video studio.

Green screen is also a good option for those with limited time and a limited budget. Without the costs and time associated with an on-location shoot, you really do get more video bang for your buck. To check out our green screen studio for yourself, call 703.962.1270. You can take a tour, get the rundown on pricing, and get to know our knowledgeable staff.

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