Don't Let Your Green Screen Footage Overwhelm Your Video

Let's say you have obtained the perfect footage to project onto the green screen of the TV commercial or YouTube video you're planning to shoot. It might be something like an intergalactic landscape, complete with meteors, comets, and quasars, that will be displayed behind your company's CEO as he makes his pitch. Either you've hired a local special-effects whiz to create the clip, or you've licensed the footage (for a modest fee) from a movie company. What possible reason would there be not to use it?


Well, we can think of one.  If the footage you plan to project on the green screen is truly that impressive, it may overwhelm the more modest message being conveyed by your CEO. It can be very difficult for a new brand of oven cleaner to compete with the wonders of the universe, especially if a supernova happens to explode just as your CEO is demonstrating the product in the foreground. (On the other hand, if your company makes a product that is directly relevant to outer space—say, a new type of binoculars—the foreground action and the background footage will blend together much more seamlessly.)


At Gearshift, we know that green screens, like all other video special effects, are best employed in the right proportions. We'll let you know if your Green Screen footage is likely to overwhelm the message you're trying to convey, or if it simply makes a poor match for the action transpiring in the foreground and would be better served by a more appropriate clip. Questions? Call our green screen studio experts at 703-962-1270 to learn more today!

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