Don't Tell Customers How Great Your Product Is—Show Them!

Video Is Great For Product Demos

If you have the type of business that sells products, you may struggle to make yourself stand out in an already saturated marketplace. What makes what you're selling so great? You spend thousands of dollars on top-notch copywriting, hoping that persuasive words will be enough to bring in new customers. Guess what? You need more.

Instead of just telling your customers about how great your products are, why don't you show them? If you are truly selling a quality product, it's going to sell itself if you market it correctly, so consider showing it off using video. At Gearshift, we frequently do product demonstration shoots for business owners just like you. We have our own green screen studio, which means that you can make it look like you're filming anywhere and key in great looking graphics and pictures for a professional touch.

You can use product demonstration videos in many different ways. Some business owners like to add individual videos to each product's sales page. These are very quick videos without a lot talking—take a look at to see what we mean. They have individual videos for every single thing on their website (that's A LOT of videos!), and it's so helpful to see the product in motion. You can also film longer product demonstration videos that you can add to your website or YouTube channel and share on social networks. If your product is especially interesting and your video is great, it could even go viral.

Ready to show your customers how great your product is? Call Gearshift today to learn about our green screen studio rentals at 703.962.1270.

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