Four Tips for Shooting a Great Green Screen Video in Fairfax

At Gearshift, our green screen is much more than just a screen—it's a room with 20' x 20' floors and walls that are 20 feet wide and 8 feet tall. The green screen is fully lit with 60 feet of lighting covering the three walls, and your studio rental includes a dressing room, kitchen, wireless Internet, a conference room, and plenty of free parking. With everything you need to create an amazing video at your fingertips in our green screen studio, it's your job to bring your A-game as well. If you've never worked with a green screen before, here are a few tips that will ensure an outstanding shoot:

  1. Create storyboards. You do not need to be artistically talented to create storyboards—these are just to give everyone a general idea of how things are going to flow, what you want the backgrounds to look like, and how you want the person on camera to be framed. It's your way of telling us what you are envisioning for your video, and it's also an effective way to make sure everyone from your company or organization is on board with the ideas.
  2. Don't wear green. This is not an old wives' tale you may have heard; it's true. If you wear green, whatever part of you is covered in the color will disappear. A cool effect if you're trying to be a floating head, but most people don't really like to go that route.
  3. Think about hair and makeup. So many people put a lot of thought into what they are going to wear on-camera, and they forget about putting some extra effort into their hair and makeup. Make sure your hair looks neat and presentable and that it is out of your face. For makeup, if you're a woman, you may want to wear a little more than usual just so you don't look too washed out. Men, you may want to consider some powder or foundation to even out your skin tone.
  4. Back away from the green screen. It may be tempting to stand directly in front of the green screen, but standing too close can cast shadows and make you glow a little too brightly. Try to stand a few feet away from the screen, and don't worry—we'll remind you!

A green screen can be an amazing way for a company with a smaller budget to transport viewers to many different places without ever having to leave the video studio. If you'd like to learn more about our green screen video studio rentals in Fairfax, contact us today at 703.962.1270.

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