When many people hear the words “green screen,” they think about bad commercials from the early 90s or crappy special effects from low-budget science fiction movies. What those people don’t know is that green screen technology has improved by leaps and bounds in recent years. Keep in mind that, while you always notice a bad green screen job, you never notice a good one.


How can you be sure your green screen video will look great? Here are a few guidelines:


  • Find a green screen studio. Yes, you can hang a green screen anywhere and shoot a video, but a green screen studio has been constructed to provide great light and sound – two vital keys to producing high-quality videos.
  • Find someone with green screen experience. You can pick out green screen amateurs easily: their lighting is off, their sound is bad, and their perspective is wonky. Someone who has done hundreds of green screen videos is no comparison to someone who has read about it online or just tried a few.
  • Look at past examples. If you want to know what your final product is going to look like, look at other videos shot in the same green screen studio and edited by the same professional. If the person you’re speaking with doesn’t have a gallery or portfolio, run!


There’s nothing worse than a poorly produced green screen video – they look fake, are distracting, and don’t get you new customers. But a well-executed green screen video can be a great, cost-effective marketing tool that you can use for years to come. Want to learn more? Call Gearshift today and ask about our green screen services in DC.

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