When reviewing the most common myths and misconceptions about green screen videos, the one we come across the most is the idea that green screen production is expensive and complicated. This is simply not the case. In fact, using our green screen studio in Washington, D.C.  can save you money compared to shooting on location.


Let’s take a closer look:


  • Green screens save time. We can all agree that time is money, and green screen videos take much less time to shoot than setting up on location. The sound and lighting are ready to go, we don’t have to worry about props, and it’s easy to do multiple takes.
  • Greens screens make it easy to make lots of videos at once. Too many business owners believe that they should shoot one video for the web and then rest on their laurels. However, it is much more effective to shoot multiple videos on different subjects. While this is difficult on location, green screen studios allow businesses to easily shoot dozens of videos that all look and feel different from each other.
  • Green screens keep you in a controlled environment. When you leave the studio to shoot a video, any number of things can go wrong – and you have to plan for multiple scenarios. In the studio, everything is ready to go before you arrive, and most elements of surprise are taken out of the equation.


Want to see how professional, polished, and high quality a green screen video can look? Visit our online gallery and see. Want to start marketing your business with great green screen web videos? Give Gearshift a call today.

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