How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Studio? That Depends on What You Need


If you're planning to rent a studio in which to shoot your TV commercial or YouTube video, you may well be worried about how much the whole venture will cost. The word “studio” tends to evoke the word “Hollywood,” and we all know how even the smallest Hollywood productions tend to spiral out of control!


However, if you're reasonably prudent, you needn't worry about busting your budget on a studio rental. Essentially, the fee you pay will depend on the following variables:


  • How much space you need. Needless to say, a big, expansive studio will cost more to rent than a small, cozy one.
  • How much time you need to finish your shoot. A one-day rental will require much less than a two-week extravaganza!
  • How ambitious your video will be. If you need to make any major alterations to the studio (building an elaborate set, for example) your rental fees may well be higher.
  • Whether you'll need in-house personnel. If you plan to hire your own camera people, lighting technicians, etc., your rental fee will be smaller. But, if you want the studio to provide these services, you'll have to pay the appropriate rate.



If you're planning a small- to medium-sized production that requires a minimal complement of studio personnel and a one- or two-day shooting schedule, you may be surprised at how economical a studio rental can be compared to an on-location production. Questions? Check out studio rental at Gearshift, and call our consultants (703-962-1270) today!

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