Know When to Say When to Green Screen

You Can Overdo it With Green Screen

Creative freedom, a major benefit of shooting green screen videos, can also be its downfall. The problem is that green screen technology is fun—maybe a little too fun.

Let's say you set out to shoot a video for your shoe store. Things are going well, and you think you're getting good material, when a friend suggests adding some props. One thing leads to another, and you end up producing a video that features your cat being launched into space while robots fire banana missiles at his head. You may have had fun making the video, but you've wasted time and money and may have done your brand more harm than good.

Keep Your Cool, and Focus on Branding

It's easy to go overboard with special effects when using a green screen to apply an outrageous, memorable background. However, you don't need people to remember the background of your video. You need them to remember your product or service. In most cases, the best background has depth but is simple. It should complement the subject in front of it, not distract from it.  

If you suspect that you've been going overboard when making green screen videos for your D.C.-based small business, the first step is to put down the camera, the banana, and the cat.

Next, think hard about what your message is and what you want people to take away from your videos. Keep in mind that each video directly influences your brand image. Unless you sell helmets for space-bound felines, hold off on the special effects, and work on creating a powerful, if simple, video.

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