Rent a Video Studio for New Employee Introductions

Bio Videos Are An Asset to Any Company

Being new at a company is never easy. There are so many names, faces, and job titles that sometimes it seems next to impossible to remember them all. Likewise, if your company is growing quickly, it can be hard for your current employees to keep up with all of the new people. How can you ease the awkwardness and help your employees get to know each other better? Video, of course!

Renting out a video studio can work two different ways for your company:

  • To introduce new employees. When new employees come on board, bring them over to Gearshift TV to film a quick introduction. This will give them a chance to say hello and talk about how excited they are to be working for your company. They should let everyone know their job title, what they are going to be doing within the company, and a little bit about their personal lives so people can get to know that side of them as well. Once the video is all set, you can send it out to the entire company in an e-mail, and they can easily get to know the new employee. You can also use these videos in your social media efforts because your customers would love to meet new employees as well.
  • For new employees to learn names and faces. After filming the new employee videos, put them into a shared folder for the future. When a new employee comes in, they can view all of the different videos to learn about the people they are going to be working with.

If this sounds like something you'd like to do for your business, call Gearshift today at 703.962.1270 to learn about our affordable video studio rentals.


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