SERENITY NOW! Preparation Is the Key to a Natural On-Camera Appearance

How to Prepare For Your Video Shoot

First of all, breathe. If you are getting yourself worked up days or weeks before your shoot date, think how uptight you'll be when the day arrives! Instead of panicking, work on the following well before you step in our DC green screen studio to shoot your video:

  • Hammer out the details. Will the video be totally scripted, or will you be adlibbing? Will it be an interview? Be sure you know what your message is, what camera angles you want to use, and that anyone with a speaking role knows what's expected of them.
  • Practice makes perfect. Buy or rent your outfit well in advance. Ensure that it fits well, is appropriate for the feeling of the video, and isn't green. Any green in your outfit will be read as background in the video. Practice your lines in your outfit. You want to feel as comfortable as possible the day of the shoot. And, instead of practicing in the mirror, try recording yourself and playing it back. As hard as it can be to watch yourself, you will be able to pinpoint and improve your outfit, your hand motions, and your demeanor. 
  • But prepare for imperfect. So you've got a killer outfit, have perfected the natural smile, and have your lines down pat. Great! But you also have to be prepared for mistakes on the big day. Go into the shoot ready to laugh off any mistakes and make changes to your script when needed. Rolling with the punches will help keep you loose. If you tense up and get nervous when you flub a line, it will be reflected on camera. So try to laugh it off, breathe deeply, and move on. 

Need more serenity? Right now? Calm yourself by calling 703.962.1270 and speaking with our web video gurus. We have the experience to help you conquer your nerves and make the most of your DC green screen studio rental.

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