Some “Video Studios” Are More Deserving of the Name Than Others

There's no law dictating what can technically be called a “video studio” and what can't. What most people mean by a video studio is a place that's intuitively set up to accommodate a video shoot: that is, it's equipped with multiple outlets (with the proper amperage), overhead microphones, control panels, and all the other essential bells and whistles that can mean the difference between a seamless video shoot and a disaster. The best video studios are those in which you can show up with your team of professionals, set up your equipment quickly, and get your shoot started as soon as possible.


Unfortunately, there are some places that advertise themselves as “video studios” that don't even remotely deserve the name. A big warehouse in the middle of nowhere may be an impressive location for a Hollywood production, but, if it's not set up with the proper amenities, you'll spend more time hunting down a three-pronged outlet and stringing up your own lights than you will shooting your script. If you're looking to shoot your YouTube video or TV commercial in a single day, renting a studio like this could be a disastrous decision because most of the infrastructure has to be provided by you and your crew.


At Gearshift, our video studios are fully deserving of the name: they're properly equipped, centrally located, and laid out so intuitively that your film crew (if you choose to hire one rather than use our own professionals) will get your project started in no time. Questions? Call our video studio rental representatives today at 703-962-1270 to find out more!

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