Turn Your Company Picnic into a Marketing Tool

Company Picnics Are a Great Marketing Opportunity

You work so hard during the work week on your marketing strategy and ways to make your business better, and that's great. But how about showing your customers another side of you, as well? So many business owners get so wrapped up in being professional and selling their product that they miss the mark when it comes to connecting with their customers. Your customers don't want to connect with a "suit;" they want to connect with a real person. There are many ways to accomplish this, but one great way is to film your company picnic.

Many companies have picnics in the summertime to celebrate their employees and say "thank you." It's a time when people bring their families, kick back, relax, and really show their authentic selves. Don't you think your customers would develop a much more favorable image of your company and staff if they saw them being real people?

If you want to film your company picnic, consider on-location video services, as well as a video studio rental. Gearshift will come out to the picnic and film the whole day, capturing anything and everything you think is important. After that, you can rent out our video studio for a day and work on splicing in some narration. We will edit everything together for you and make a professional video you can use on your website, YouTube channel, or anywhere else you like.

If you're not sure of exactly what you need, that's okay! Call Gearshift at 703.962.1270, and we'll help you figure out all the details.

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