What to Consider When Deciding on a D.C. Video Studio Rental


Your business is unique and your video production needs will be similarly unique. What works for one Northern Virginia business is not going to work for all businesses in the metro D.C. area. For this reason, Gearshift offers a variety of options when renting our studio for video production.


3 Things to Consider When Making Decisions About Renting Video Studio Time


As you consider what to include in your video studio rental, think about:


  • The equipment that you already own. If you already own the equipment that you need to create a great online video, then you may choose not to rent the professional equipment that we have available for you. Of course, there is no requirement that you own your own equipment, and we have all the equipment that you need already available for rental.
  • Whether you have an experienced camera technician. While someone from Gearshift will always be on site while you make your video, you can decide to hire one of our professional camera technicians to help you create your business video or use a camera technician on your staff.
  • How much time you will need and how many videos you plan to shoot. If you have lots of video ideas, then it may be cost effective to rent our studio for multiple days at a time.


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You do not have to make these important decisions alone. Instead, you can contact Gearshifts at 703-962-1270 for guidance on making the decisions that are right for your business. You can also learn more about video production by watching our FREE video Brian Mitchell Says "It's Time for You to Go On the Offensive (with an Extra $500 in Your Pocket)!"

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