What Will My Video Background Look Like if I Use a Green Studio?

The short answer is that the background will look like whatever you want it to look like, and you can decide what that is before or after your green screen studio video shoot. The long answer is, of course, a little more complicated than that.

One of the biggest advantages of green screen studio video shoots is that they are literally done in front of a green screen. That means that you or whoever is on camera for your video is in front of a green screen even though the future viewers of the video will never know that.


What Your Viewers Will See


Instead of a green screen background, your viewers will see the background that you and your online video producers decide is right for your video. Gearshift producers and designers can create unique backgrounds for your video and insert them after you shoot your video. Our designs can coordinate with your website’s existing background, color scheme, and font, for example. Alternatively, we can upload a background of your choice to complete your video and make it the polished and unique video that you want to attract new business.


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