Use Video Production for a Dentist Office Tour to Help Kids Feel Comfortable

As adults, we know that going to the dentist isn't so bad. However, if you can remember back to being a kid, it's possible that it seemed like the scariest place on earth. The most terrifying time for a child is usually that first visit because they have no idea what to expect. But what if they could know what to expect? What if you could show them ahead of time to ease their fears?

A great addition to your dentistry website—that both children and parents will appreciate—could be a tour of your office for young, first-time patients. The video should be geared toward children so that they feel like you are talking to them. Guide them through your office, showing them what will happen when they come visit you, the different things they are going to see, and who they will meet. Show them any "cool" equipment that usually excites children, and show them any stickers or toys that you give to kids when the appointments are over. You could also use the video to impart some basic dental knowledge and encourage them to brush their teeth regularly.

It's probably best to film a video production like this before you open in the morning or after you've closed in the evening. Filming during working hours may interrupt your schedule and may bother some patients. Gearshift is available to come to your dental office any day or time, so there's no need to worry about planning within a 9-5 timeframe. We supply the video equipment, lights, microphones, and anything else needed to make your shoot a success.

Ready to film an office tour? Call Gearshift today at 703.962.1270, and we will help you get started with some great ideas.

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