If you don't know how web video can help your business grow...just ask

Dave Frees Estate Attorney
"I do Trust and Estates work and one of the things we've been hearing over and over again as Tom [Foster] has helped us to make video 1) higher quality and 2) more prominent on the website is that people 'I really felt like I knew you by the time I came in.' They consistently report that the videos made them feel comfortable with me. It's also true that most of them, after they meet me, say 'You are way more serious on your videos than you are in person and you should let that come through.' But I think that could be dangerous! Video has really helped people enter a new level of trust building." - Dave Frees

Dave Frees is a attorney located in Pennsylvania specializing in estate planning and he is using video on his website to convert his web visitors to clients. Dave traveled to Gearshift TV in Northern Virginia with some skepticism regarding web video and how he can use it to grow his practice.

After speaking with the video professionals at Gearshift TV, Dave was introduced to ways of using web video that he had not thought about before. Now Dave Frees is a video marketing expert whose videos are captivating his website visitors every day. Creating professional looking videos is quick, easy, and inexpensive. So what is your excuse? Call the video marketing professionals at Gearshift TV today at 1-877-477-STUDIO. If you want to teach yourself how to to create effective video clips we are here to help you with that. Click here to download our book, "Nine Nifty Tips For Effective Video Clips" and get started today!