Web Video Is A Powerful Advertising Tool And The Best Kept Marketing Secret

"Web Videos I Created With Gearshift TV Landed My Company Over 1 Million in Sales!" - Pat Rankin - Potomac River Construction Company

Potomac River Construction Company is a business owner in Virginia who has discovered the power of effective video marketing. He is a perfect example of someone who has created a balanced marketing campaign and is now reaping the rewards. Pat's last four clients came to him because they viewed one of his videos on his website or on YouTube.

Trust between the business owner and the client is of utmost importance in the construction industry due to the nature of working in someones home. Pat wisely realized this and put his charismatic personality to work with web video. By looking at the Potomac River Construction website below you can see how they are using green screen video and on-location video to showcase their work and present it to the millions of web video viewers who may be looking for their services.

Web video is extremely effective if you know what you're doing. Creating web videos that convert web visitors to clients takes years of practice. Just because you are shooting videos doesn't mean that you are video marketing. At Gearshift TV we have helped many small business owners like Pat of Potomac River Construction create professional videos that captivate their web visitors and keep them interested. Call 877-477-STUDIO to speak with our video marketing experts and get started today.