At Eastern Motors Your Job's Your Credit

Vice President of Marketing at Easterns Automotive, Nick Champeau hired Jim Folliard of Gearshift TV to help him create a commercial campaign designed to increase company awareness and in turn increase car sales. The campaign was a huge success and the commercials complete with local celebrities and an extremely catchy jingle had Easterns Automotive on the minds of potential car buyers across the metropolitan area.

Here is what Nick had to say about working with Jim Folliard of Gearshift TV:

"Jim's creativity is superb he is always adding to the impact of the project with his ideas and then puts the end product together exceptionally fast at a great value. The end result is always a highly professional, high impact winner! I highly recommend anyone looking for video, photography, or commercial production to work with him as I have numerous times over the years." - Nick Champeau, Easterns Automotive Car Dealership.


Easterns Automotive not only broadcast their commercials on TV stations around the area, they also created a YouTube page so that their commercials could be viewed by the millions of people who watch web video every day! The video below has received nearly 300,000 views and counting!

Alex Ovechkin Sings Easterns Jingle from Jim Folliard on Vimeo.

There are many different elements that make up a successful marketing campaign. Having stars like Alexander Ovechkin and Gilbert Gottfried certainly helps but that is not the only thing that made the Easterns Commercials a hit. The commercials were marketed properly and they were available for millions of people to see on the internet. The professionals at Gearshift TV utilized star power, the power of YouTube, and captivating videography to create a campaign that exceeded expectations. If you are interested in creating a commercial campaign for you business call 877-477-STUDIO or click here to contact one of our professionals.