How Much Will It Cost to Shoot a Video for My Law Firm?

Technically, anyone with a smartphone can shoot a video and upload it to YouTube with a per-video cost of literally pennies. Practically, though, producing a bare-bones video for your law firm's website will do more harm than good. After all, potential clients want to see that you have resources at your disposal, not that you're excessively cheap. The good news is that the money you spend on professional video production equipment is a long-term investment, since you can use it to make multiple videos over the course of months or years.



At Gearshift, we recommend that law firms invest about $5,000 in video equipment, which breaks down roughly as follows: $1,500 for a camera with high video resolution, $1,500 for professional video editing software, and a few hundred dollars apiece for lenses, lights, microphones, and tripods. With this equipment (and, of course, a compelling script), you'll be able to shoot a video that stands its own against the YouTube competition. Of course, if you don't have the time, resources, expertise, or desire to shoot your own videos, Gearshift will be glad to work with you to produce the kind of clips that attract paying clients!