Television Commercials That Have Produced Results For Local Businesses

Television Commercials can be an effective marketing tool for any business. It is important to hire a production company that has a proven record of creating commercials that work but this is not where it stops. You also need a company that is experienced in getting your commercial in front of your potential customers. Your commercial will not work unless it is broadcast on the proper channels. That is where we stand out. We have the best marketing minds in the production business and this is why our commercials work. Whether it is on YouTube or nationally broadcasted we have done it and we have results to back it up. Check out just some of our commercials below.

This commercial has been a huge success for Express Homebuyers thanks to Gearshift TV.

In this commercial, Pierre Garcon explains why Paisano's is his favorite place to eat! It was rated best pizza in Maryland, DC and Virginia by WTOP listeners.

Eastern attracts attention from many potential customers using this humorous commercial.

Country Chevrolet of Warrenton, Virginia also utilizes Gearshift TV to create a commercial to gain more customers.

Our Easterns Automotive campaign had people all over the metropolitan area singing this jingle. This video has received over 300,000 views and counting and has helped sell hundreds of cars for Easterns Automotive Car Company.

A recent commercial to grace the airwaves has already directly generated business for the folks at the Ballet NOVA Dance Center. Look out for this commercial on your TV in the near future as it is making its rounds on Comcast in HD.

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