Four Great Reasons for Your Business to Post a New Video Online

You’ve finally been convinced that online video is a great marketing tool—and that producing promotional web videos is the right step for your business to take in the future. But now you have even more decisions to make: what should your video promote, exactly? And how can you connect with your audience in a spot that is just a few minutes long? 

Here are four general ideas for how you can use video to connect your audience with your business: 

  1. You are offering a new product or service. Show your audience exactly what you have to offer by highlighting individual products and services in each of your videos. Be aware that when you start offering something new, even your current customers won’t be aware unless you get the word out in a dynamic way. 
  2. You want your online audience to get to know you. Shoot a video introducing yourself and each of your key employees. Or create a virtual tour of your office or store so that customers will be familiar with their surroundings when they arrive. Especially if your business is service-oriented, getting viewers familiar with the names and faces of the people they will interact with is key. 
  3. You’re launching a new marketing campaign. Perhaps you are approaching your potential customers in a new way, or perhaps you have a new tagline or logo design. Make sure your new marketing campaign includes one or more videos. 
  4. There was a breaking news event related to your industry. After a major event, people get on the web and Google key words to learn more about what has happened. If the event is in any way related to your business, uploading a video can mean attracting a whole new audience. 

Still need inspiration? We recommend visiting YouTube and looking at the videos that your competition is creating. They might have some general ideas that you could use to get started, and you could think about what videos they aren’t offering to potential customers. In addition, we’d be happy to speak with you about your promotional video needs and how you can get started. To take your first step toward offering online video, give us a call today: 703-962-1270.