What Interactive Video Can Do For You

Now that videos have become a staple on the Internet and many corporations are utilizing Web video to reach new audiences, it is easy to ask, “What is next?” and try to figure out where the video production market is heading.  Some will say that it will be putting higher and higher quality video on the Internet, and others will tell you that innovative marketing is key. Yet, others will tell you that new and exciting graphics will drive Web video onward.

The future most likely lies in interactive video and giving the user the ability to explore further into the products and services that you are offering.

What do we mean by interactive? 
Let’s say that you have a short video that explains the product that you are trying to sell to prospective buyers. You can make the video interactive by incorporating a small discrete icon that pops up, which will link buyers to a site that carries peer reviews of your product. Or, the icon may even take them to another site where they can purchase your product.

What other possibilities does this open?
Think of interactive video as networking within your own video library where one of your videos can be linked with another and so on. This helps with customer retention when people come to visit your site. You may have their attention long enough to watch one video, but if that video leads to another of your videos, then that means more opportunity for you to convince them to invest in you by buying your goods or services.

Another way to make things more interactive would be to implement a very short intriguing Web video on your front page that will grab your potential clients’ attention. In that video, you can have links to other parts of your website that will explain you and your products in greater detail.  The short video will be used to draw them in, and then your products or services will have a venue to adequately be displayed.
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