Using Video Production to Train Employees in a Uniform Way

Many of our business customers at Gearshift come to us to create videos that will be used as marketing tools to bring in new clients. Investing in video production is an excellent idea for companies, but one thing not all business owners think of is how to use video internally. If video is such an effective medium for attracting new customers, shouldn't it be effective for development within your company, as well?

One great way video production can help your Virginia or D.C.-area business is for training videos. These videos could be used for a variety of reasons:

  • For new employees. Show them how to set up their e-mail, use basic programs, learn the company handbook, etc. Frequently, companies will have more seasoned employees teach new employees about certain things. While that's great, it takes someone away from doing their actual job and being productive.
  • For learning about new programs or systems being put into place. If you want employees to learn a new program or a new way of doings things, avoid a long, drawn-out company meeting and simply send around a video.
  • For sharing footage of events not everyone is able to attend. The most common scenario for this is trade shows or conferences. Some employees never get to travel anywhere and have no idea what is happening beyond the home headquarters. By videotaping and sharing footage from these events, you can help all employees feel more included in the overall operations of the company.

The sky is really the limit when it comes to video production for your company's internal communications. When you reserve time in our Gearshift, you will be amazed at how many short training videos you can get filmed during your session. The return you can get for a couple of hours of your time is quite tremendous!

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If you'd like to see how video can help train your employees, read our case study about Datacomm and how they leveraged video into better training techniques for new air traffic controllers.

Datacomm Corporate Training Video

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