YouTube Video Results Are Popping Up More Often on Google. Is Your Video One of Them?

If you've done a Google search lately, you've noticed that videos are now displayed as search results. This is because Google knows that users respond well to video and that they are looking to videos to answer the questions they have.

If your videos are not being displayed in Google Search Results when you think they ought to, it's time to do something about it. It's time to take a closer look at not only the quality of your videos, but the way they are optimized within YouTube.

If you don't, and if you allow your competition to get the leading edge by posting and optimizing their videos, you will be left playing catch-up. Follow tips from the experts at our D.C.-area video studio to make the most of every video you post to YouTube:

  • Use the YouTube Keyword Tool. This tool will help you get new ideas for keywords. Just type in a keyword that you would like to use, and you will get data on this keyword along with suggestions of other, similar keywords.  
  • Name Your Video Wisely. Don't use a generic name for your video. Instead, you should customize its filename. For example, instead of “”, name your video “”.
  • Use the Right Keywords. Once you've done your research with the YouTube keyword tool, add keywords—when it makes sense and is natural—to your video title, description, and caption.
  • Improve Your Channel. The YouTube channel for your small business should look and feel a lot like your website. Use a similar color scheme and graphics, and ensure that all of your profile data is current and correct. Also, be sure that your social media accounts and website links are included on your channel page.

Use these tips today to help improve the searchability of the videos for your D.C.-based business. It's simply not enough to load a video on YouTube and hope for the best. You must work to ensure that your video is fully optimized. If you don't, you will be missing out on a huge potential for growth.

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