Why YouTube and Google+ Are the Perfect Match (And How to Make the Most of It)

If you have a Google+ account and visit YouTube, you will find something interesting on the home page. Their new design prominently displays any videos that those in your Google+ Circles have shared. This means that, every time people share your video, everyone in their circle will see it when they visit YouTube.

Sharing YouTube videos on Google+ has never been easier. YouTube videos can be shared while on the Google+ website or by using the "Share" tab on YouTube. When you combine the ease of video sharing with the prominent position of videos shared via Google+ on the YouTube homepage, it's easy to see that Google+ should be part of your video marketing strategy.

YouTube Videos Front and Center on Google+

Near the top of your Google+ profile page, there is a tab labeled “YouTube.” This tab automatically pulls in any videos that have been shared through your YouTube channel. You don't have to set your account to do so—all you have to do is ensure that the same email address is used on your Google+ profile and your YouTube account. Easy-peasy!

But Isn't Google+ a "Little Guy"?

It's true that Google+ doesn't have the number of active users that Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter have. However, it has been found that Google+ users are more involved with the social media site, signing in on a regular basis and sharing loads of videos.

Also, the fact that Google owns YouTube cannot be ignored. Because of the ties between the two, Google has made it simple to share YouTube videos on Google+. And since it's easier than ever to share YouTube videos on Google +, doing so is a fast, simple way to drive more people to your online videos.

Should Google+ be the only aspect of your video marketing strategy? No. But it should be near the top of the list.

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Jim Folliard Video Producer