DC Video Production Company Knows the Secret to Perfect Audio

Have you ever wondered why home videos or amateur YouTube videos typically have poor audio quality or volume issues? The reason for this is isolation. The built-in microphone on an amateur camcorder, phone, or even DSLR camera has little ability to select what sounds to record. The microphone simply soaks in whatever noises hit the microphone, whether they are an important voice or a jackhammer a block down the street. DC video production companies offer a sound booth service so that you can isolate only the important sounds for your podcast or voice-over.

Audio quality is just as important as image quality. What would you expect if website visitors were shown a photo gallery with out-of-focus pictures? You'd expect them to click out of the site and try to find better pictures somewhere else. Now, think about podcasts and voice-over work for videos online; website visitors will not listen to crackly, muted, or muffled sound.

High quality audio takes away distraction and allows listeners to hear your message clearly. With crisp, clear audio for your podcast or voice-over project, the viewer or listener focuses on what is being said. When the listener is constantly changing the volume to account for ambient noise or being bombarded with crackles or hisses, they focus on the audio quality instead of the quality of content.

A sound booth will give you distraction-free audio that is easy for your web visitors to listen to. In a sound booth, all ambient noise is either blocked out by insulation or canceled out with advanced technology. You get the cleanest sound on Earth in a sound booth, as you can control for all variables. The sound booth contains recording equipment, while another room in the studio contains all the equipment to process your sound and mix it properly.

Here are some of the benefits of using a sound booth:

  • High quality audio - Your content will simply sound pleasing to the ear. This lends well to capturing your audience.


  • No distractions - The listener can focus on the quality of your content, not on the quality of your microphone.


  • Get taken seriously - If your content sounds this clear, your audience will make a connection between the quality of your media and the quality of the services you provide.


  • Work on audio and video simultaneously - When using a sound booth, you are already in the studio and can record sound and mate it with your video content at the same time. This provides numerous benefits, as you can alter your audio or video plans on the spot, allowing for seamless integration. At Gearshift TV, we can provide professional video services while you are in for sound recording. The results are worth it.

Did you know even the mechanical action of a camera lens autofocusing can destroy your sound capture? Sound is often overlooked during advertising projects and voice-over work. There are thousands of things that can tarnish your audio recording. In a sound booth, you reduce those distractions to zero, so your audience only hears what you want them to.

To learn more about using a DC-area sound booth for your podcast, voice-over, audio, or video project, give Gearshift TV a call at 1.877.477.STUDIO.

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