Video Campaigns for Gyms & Fitness Centers Bring in Business

Fitness Marketing with Video

Running a gym is similar to operating any other type of small business. Web video marketing campaigns have been successful for small businesses; they are successful for gyms as well.  One of the differences between a gym versus a typical small business, however, is that a gym functions as both a community and a service for patrons. For this reason, almost nobody begins a new gym membership without a site visit first.


Using online video to present your gym or fitness center to potential new customers is an effective way to express the personality of your gym while addressing some initial commonly asked questions.


This intimate virtual view inside your gym can lead to increased foot traffic and further membership growth for your health club.


Obesity, heart disease and diet-related illnesses remain an ongoing concern for many Americans today.  More and more people are learning how diet and exercise are the building blocks for improving health, longevity and quality of life. Many people are looking for ways to initiate their lifestyle changes today. Here are a few benefits to using Web video to enhance the effectiveness of your Web marketing campaign:


  • Web video is a great way to show off equipment to people who are looking for specific workout machines. Video is a vivid and memorable way to present your facilities. This gives the viewers a better sense of your gym's size, space and layout.
  • Online video is the perfect way to display the social side of getting active and staying fit. Group activities like organized sports, dance and yoga classes are attractive to folks who are looking to meet new people in a supportive environment. Share your trainers' and members' energy, sense of fun, and motivation to stay fit together with creative video.
  • The personal feel of a video presentation is a compelling way to demonstrate your expertise and commitment to members as people. For potential clients who may be seeking physical or aquatic therapy, as well as injury rehabilitation, a personal greeting from your trainers and physical therapists will communicate your gym's knowledgeable approach to wellness and its real sense of care for your clients.


Americans are increasingly encouraged to turn diet and exercise into lifestyle priorities. A smart Web marketing campaign using professional, demographic targeted online video is one of the most effective and affordable ways to improve upon the success of your gym or fitness center.  Contact Gearshift at 877-477-STUDIO to learn more.