The Basics of Video SEO

In an essential way, videos posted to the Web are at a disadvantage compared to ordinary, text-heavy pages. Even the most clumsily optimized webpage will still contain text strings that cause it to show up somewhere in a Google search, but search engines will literally be unable to find a video that isn't properly annotated. The fact is that even the best videos need to be marked up with appropriate keywords and metatags so that they can be found by searchers, a task at which Gearshift excels.






Titles, Descriptions and Tags Will Help Your Law Firm's Video Place Well in Search Engines



Shooting a web video for your law firm is only half the battle; the other half is using appropriate video search engine optimization tactics to help your video place well in search engines like Google. Every video posted on the Web should have the following SEO components:



  • A title. The title is usually the first thing people will see when coming across your video in search engines or on YouTube, so you want it to be as clear and concise as possible and ideally keyed to a particular search phrase. For example, “Houston Attorney Talks About Car Insurance Liability” pretty much says it all and has the kind of juicy keywords that search engines like. 
  • A description. The description is your chance to elaborate on the title of your video and also repeat (though not too aggressively!) the key words for which you want the video to show up in search. 
  • Metatags. Recent changes by Google have emphasized the “quality” of web content over the artificial manipulation of keywords and metatags, so this part of the video SEO process has become less crucial. The most important thing about metatags is that they give you the opportunity to capture “long tail” searches, in which a user enters multiple words or phrases into Google search with the hope of finding very specific results. One way to use metatags in this way might be to mention a particular region that wouldn't come up on a larger city search.


Video SEO is an Art as Well as a Science

Google is a moving target; this search engine is continually changing its algorithms, so today's best SEO practices might be outdated by next year, next month, or even next week. The experts at Gearshift make it their business to be on top of Google's best practices, so they can help title, describe, and tag your video in a way that will enable it to place well in Google and YouTube search results. Call now for your free consultation!