When it Comes to Video Production, It’s All About the Lighting

Lighting is a key element in videography.  If you are planning on participating in video production in Virginia or throughout the country, you need to learn how to utilize different lighting conditions, which will help you create a visually stunning film.

Shooting Outside
The best lighting condition for video is actually a cloudy day, around sunrise or sunset. A sunny well-lit day can produce too much contrast.  If you are filming on a sunny afternoon, you will want to pay close attention to the direction of the sun and how it will cast light on your frame.  Try to avoid taking shots facing the sun, as it can create lens flares on your video, distracting from the content you are trying to capture.

Shooting Indoors 
If you are filming video indoors, try to find light sources and shoot people that are close to the light.  You need to make sure that the light source is not behind your subjects, as this lighting will challenge the camera’s aperture.  Place your camera between your subject and the light source, so that the light fills the camera’s frame.  If you can utilize lamps at the location you are filming, do so.  Be creative and improvise when necessary.  Some light is always better than no light.

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