Knowing Your Audience is a Key to Good Video Production

One of the keys to good video production is knowing your audience. You should motivate your audience to use your products and services with your video and below are some tips on how you can do it:

  • What is the target age of your audience? Once you have picked your target age demographic then you need to figure out how to make the video conform to their sensibilities. For example, you should never shoot a video that is for a product that will be used by senior citizens with blaring rock and roll music, as it is just going to turn off your viewers.


  • Is your video for a specific gender? If you are trying to reach a particular gender, then you should pay careful attention to the different ways that men and women take in knowledge. If you are marketing, for example, a men’s deodorant product, you should try not to use the visual aesthetic of a soap opera. It again will make your audience feel as if you are detached and do not know them.


  • Does your audience have a special interest? This comes into play with visual media. Let’s say you are trying to market a granola bar to backpackers and hikers, chances are if you have a video showing city and industry scenes, your audience is going to think you have credibility issues.

Knowing who your audience is the first step to creating video that will not only give your company credibility, but will also build a connection and foundation. Once your prospects trust you, then they are in a better position to use your goods and services over your competitors.

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