Web Video Success Demands Marathon Effort

Any business owner can shoot a quick video, stick it on YouTube, and call it a day. But this sprint-to-the-finish attitude isn't an effective way to run a video marketing campaign.

The only way to win the race is to be in it for the long haul and do the work required to come up with a winning video concept, shoot it, edit it, code it, load it, and promote it.

When done right, this process is not a sprint—it's a marathon. It requires more work than perhaps you realize it does. From start to finish, you have to be willing to put in the miles. This means:

  • Producing a professional video that speaks to your target audience
  • Coding your video to ensure it can be viewed by all people, on all types of devices, including cell phones, tablets, and desktops
  • Loading the video to the right video hosting sites
  • Optimizing your video so that it is highly searchable
  • Promoting your video on all social media platforms, through a newsletter, and on your website

The Race is Never Really Over

I know that I said that successful web video requires marathon-like stamina, but the truth is that, if you want your videos to continue to help advance your web marketing plan, you need to keep going past the 26-mile marker. Maintaining the momentum of your web video campaign requires:

  • Regularly checking for feedback on YouTube
  • Responding to all comments left on your videos
  • Monitoring videos for drop-off rate
  • Fixing or reshooting ineffective videos with high drop-off rates
  • Posting new videos—or old videos made relevant because of current events—to social media accounts 

Not sure where to start? Need a little help? Our DC-area video production personal trainers are ready to help you launch and run a web video campaign that will help you dominate your competition. Call 703.962.1270 today to get started.

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