Want to Present Your Event in the Best Light? Put the Highlights in a Short Video

If you watched the recent Academy Awards telecast, you know that even the glitziest events have numerous dead spots, which can make them a chore to sit through in their entirety. The good news is that, if your company is hosting or participating in a lengthy industry event like an awards show or a testimonial to a deceased colleague, you can hire a video studio to “boil down” hours of footage into an easily digestible video that you can upload to YouTube.

Most People Are Only Interested in the Highlights of Your Event

What are the advantages of hiring a studio crew to attend your event, capture hours of video (from various vantage points), and edit down the footage into a two- or three-minute YouTube clip? Well, you can:

  • Build anticipation among potential customers and attendees for the next event
  • Spare viewers all the “dead air” in the course of the evening, such as pauses between presentations, technical difficulties onstage, etc.
  • Present your company in the best light by making the event seem like a “why did I miss that?” extravaganza
  • Put your event on the radar screens of people who might otherwise not have been aware of it
  • Capture the event for archival purposes—twenty years down the road, all that footage may come in handy!
  • By studying the footage, figure out how you can streamline the event (and make it less arduous for attendees) when you stage it again

Want to Film Your Event? Call Gearshift Today

It may seem counterintuitive to capture hours and hours of footage for the sole purpose of boiling it down into a two-minute YouTube video. The fact is, though, that your event will only look glamorous and respectable on YouTube if you do your utmost to present only the high points and splice these highlights together seamlessly. Questions? Contact the on-location video production experts at Gearshift (703-962-1270) for a free consultation today!

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