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Here are some of the top questions we get at the video studio about video production, editing, web optimization, and photography. If your question isn't answered here, please contact us and we will answer it!

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  • Our law firm's video looks great, but the sound seems to be slightly off. Our senior partner says it's good enough to post to YouTube. Is this a good idea?

    That depends on what you mean by "off." If you can hear a stray honking car horn in the background as one of your attorneys addresses the camera from behind his desk, that's an intrusion most viewers can deal with. If, however, the sound volume of the entire video is set either too high or too low, that's a major problem, as is ongoing hiss or static that makes what your partners say completely unintelligible.

    Five or six years ago, "good enough" might have been good enough for YouTube, but those days are long gone. Every hour, thousands of videos are uploaded to YouTube, and the competition is so fierce that viewers can easily go on to another video in their queue if they're disappointed with the one they're watching. If your video has a quality that makes it instantly unpalatable, such as extremely "off" sound, a potential client is likely to close it out as soon as he or she starts viewing it. Not only is this a lost opportunity, but, if multiple viewers watch only the first five or ten seconds of your video, this can potentially send a negative signal to the Google and YouTube search engines and put you lower down in the results for the search term you're trying to target.

    At Gearshift, we know that it can be a bothersome process to get every aspect of a law firm video right before it makes its YouTube debut. We also know that all the effort you put into your video will be wasted if it actively repels, rather than attracts, potential clients. Questions? Call our video editing professionals today at 877-477-7883 to learn what we can do for you!

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  • Can I afford a professional video editor?

    When you are deciding whether you are going to hire a professional video editor, it is important to consider three things. Specifically, you want to consider:


    • Your budget for the project
    • What editing your video yourself will cost you
    • Your likely return on your investment


    Let’s consider each of these things separately. First, you will need to come up with your budget for the project. Most video editors will be upfront about their fees and you can determine whether a video editor is in your budget. However, that is not enough information upon which to make a good business decision. 


    You also need to consider what it will cost you to do the video editing yourself if you do not hire a video editor. When calculating the cost, it is important to consider the cost of any software or programs you need to purchase and the value of the time that you will spend on this project. 


    Finally, you need to consider your potential return on investment. Is your video designed to bring in new customers or clients that could not only cover the cost of the video but bring in a lot of profit? Is a professionally edited video a good investment in your business? 


    For more information about cost and benefits, please call an experienced video editor in Northern Virginia today at 877-477-7883. We also invite you to download a FREE copy of our book, Nine Nifty Tips for Effective Video Clips by Jim Folliard, to learn more about creating great videos.

  • How many people watch video on their cell phones? Is encoding something I really need to be concerned about when I am editing my video?

    Encoding for cell phones and other mobile devices is something that you need to think about when editing your video. As of October 2010, approximately 200 million videos were watched every day on mobile devices. According to YouTube, the number of YouTube videos watched on mobile devices tripled in 2011. More than 20% of YouTube views came from mobile devices last year, a statistic that is anticipated to increase in 2012 and in the years to come.

    Currently, YouTube videos are available on 350 million devices. If your video is inaccessible to the people who want to view it on their cell phones, then you could lose business. The people who are interested in watching your video may not wait until they get to another device to view your video. Instead, they will get the information that they seek from another source, and you will likely lose a potential customer or client.

    Do not let this happen to you. Your video should be accessible from any device. Our experienced Fairfax video editors and encoders are committed not only to getting the best video possible uploaded to the internet but to making sure that anyone who wants to view your video can see it.

    For more information, please call our experienced video editors in Fairfax today at 877-477-7883. We also encourage you to learn more about effective YouTube marketing in our FREE book, Are You a Small Business Trying to Get Found on YouTube. If you want to hear a YouTube success story, click Alejandra's picture below to see how her channel became a massive success with quality video.

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  • How long should my online video be?

    There is no magic number of seconds or minutes that you should be trying to reach. You are not creating a commercial that has to fit into a certain amount of airtime. Instead, you are trying to get your message across in a concise and effective manner that will hold the interest of your viewers and encourage them to contact you when they are done watching the video. That means that you want to avoid a long and rambling video and instead create a shorter and more interesting video.

    The exact time of your video will depend on the message that you are trying to convey. For example, you may be able to talk about why your viewers should execute a will in less time than it takes you to educate them about the steps they should take after a car accident.

    While the exact time of an online video is not very important, our Fairfax video editors believe that there are important things to consider that will help you create a video that is the right length. Specifically, you want to consider whether you are:


    • Holding your viewer’s interest
    • Staying on point
    • Easy to follow
    • Adding valuable information to your video with your words


    For more information about how to edit an online video to the right length for your topic, please call one of our experienced Fairfax online video editors today at 877-477-7883. We also encourage you to learn more about why your law firm should be on YouTube in our FREE book Are You a Small Business Trying to Get Found on YouTube. Click the photos below or check out our portfolio to see examples of effective online video.

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  • Do all website video editors include encoding in their editing services, or is that something that I need to ask about before hiring an editor?

    Our Fairfax video editors can’t speak to what all video editors in Washington, D.C. and surrounding areas do, but we can encourage you to ask questions. It is important not only to ask if editing services including encoding services but also to ask specific questions about encoding.

    Even if you don’t know much about the technical encoding process, there are questions that you can ask. Specifically, you can inquire about things such as the editor’s success rate with encoding and whether proper encoding for a large variety of devices is an editing priority.

    You can have the best online video out there. Yours can be clearly superior to the millions of others available on the internet. However, if your video cannot easily be seen without frustration by anyone who wants to view it, regardless of the device they are using to watch it, then your video is not going to achieve your marketing goals.

    Thus, it is important to make sure that your Fairfax online video editor is ready to encode and edit your video so that your message is heard by everyone who wants to listen.

    For more information about website video editing and encoding, please contact our experienced video editors at Gearshift. We can be reached via this website or at 877-477-7883. We also encourage you to learn more about how to get your online video seen in our FREE book Are You a Small Business Trying to Get Found on YouTube.


  • Why should I hire an online video editor if I can just edit my own video?

    In addition to video editing software, your computer likely has word processing editing software. Little red, green, or blue lines may appear when something is not grammatically correct or when a word is misspelled, for example. Yet, you would not want to rely solely on this software to edit your book.

    If you would only publish a book with an experienced editor, then you should also consider only posting an online video with a professional editor. An editor can go beyond identifying where the sound quality isn’t great or adjusting the lighting. An experienced editor will make sure that your video has the professional appearance that it needs to compete in today’s online video market and will save you the time, energy, and frustration of trying to learn how to do all of that yourself.

    Our Fairfax video editors will work on short or long videos to create the final product that you want. We are experienced with all the nuances of Adobe Production Editing Suite. We know how to encode your video to make sure that it is easily seen on all devices, and we work hard to provide you with the final product that you want.

    If you are ready to learn more about online video editing, please call a D.C. video editor at 877-477-7883. We also invite you to learn more about promoting your business online in our FREE book Are You a Small Business Trying to Get Found on YouTube?

  • How long will video editing and encoding take for my business or professional video?

    That depends on whether you will be doing the video editing and encoding yourself or whether you will be hiring a professional video editor to take care of the editing and encoding of your business video. Of course, if you hire someone, then you will not have to spend any of your valuable time trying to learn and apply editing techniques and encoding to your own video.

    Our Fairfax video producers and editors are professionals. We are experienced in this line of work, and we can tell you that video post-production editing and encoding is the lengthiest and most time consuming part of making a video. On average, it takes us about six hours to edit every one hour of video that we shoot. And that is six hours with the latest software, state-of-the-art equipment, and the experience necessary to produce a great video. We expect that it would take an amateur videographer a lot more time to produce results of a similar quality.

    While time is important, it is not the only concern. Someone could work on editing a video for days and it would be meaningless if the quality of video wasn’t professional and if the content was not presented in a compelling form.

    You have invested too much in your business to waste your time creating a mediocre video. Instead, learn how a professional DC video production specialist can help you create a great video by calling Gearshift at 877-477-7883. We also invite you to download a FREE copy of our report Nine Nifty Tips for Effective Video Clips by Jim Folliard to learn more.