Can I afford a professional video editor?

When you are deciding whether you are going to hire a professional video editor, it is important to consider three things. Specifically, you want to consider:


  • Your budget for the project
  • What editing your video yourself will cost you
  • Your likely return on your investment


Let’s consider each of these things separately. First, you will need to come up with your budget for the project. Most video editors will be upfront about their fees and you can determine whether a video editor is in your budget. However, that is not enough information upon which to make a good business decision. 


You also need to consider what it will cost you to do the video editing yourself if you do not hire a video editor. When calculating the cost, it is important to consider the cost of any software or programs you need to purchase and the value of the time that you will spend on this project. 


Finally, you need to consider your potential return on investment. Is your video designed to bring in new customers or clients that could not only cover the cost of the video but bring in a lot of profit? Is a professionally edited video a good investment in your business? 


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