Have you ever seen the movie “300”?  The historical fantasy details the legend of 300 Spartan warriors who fight off an army of one million Persians with their superior strength, whit and tactics.  It’s pretty violent, and let’s be honest, it’s not for everyone.  But, did you know that nearly the entire movie was filmed on a green screen?  In this case, the screen was actually blue, but the idea is the same.  The cast acted in a largely empty space and was forced to imagine the cliffs, landscape, buildings and monsters that ultimately make the film a visual spectacle.  This required some extra inspiration from the actors and allowed the artists to go all out in their post-production process. 

We’ve talked many times before about the benefits of a green screen.  How it works, why it’s cheap, and how great it looks.  Have you heard enough about it already?   Using this film as an example, let’s take a look at why a green screen is so effective.

  • Location – The film was shot in Montreal, in the winter.  Since the actors had to be shirtless almost the entire movie, the movie was filmed indoors saving them time and money. 
  • Flexibility – Surely, the film makers had an idea what they wanted the finished product to look like since it was based on a graphic novel.  However,  they weren’t tied to any scenery, architecture or lighting that they didn’t like.  The artists who added the backgrounds were able to create a world that doesn’t actually exist.
  • Cost – As we discussed before, they shot the film when they wanted and where they wanted.  Time is money, and it is better spent marketing the movie and paying the hard working cast and staff.

These same benefits apply to anyone who is using a green screen.  We have proven that it is a cost-effective way for lawyers to educate and convert potential clients into real cases.  No job is too big or too small for Gearshift TV.  Call us today at 877.477.STUDIO or fill out a contact form on our site.


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