A Green Screen Offers Amazing Benefits!

Green screens are not new.  They have been used for decades, especially by weathermen.  For example, you may remember the meteorologists in the 1970’s and 1980’s who would deliver the weather report in front of a large, somewhat tacky, animated map.  As they gave their weather report, the screen behind them would switch back and forth between the map and photographs.  There have definitely been advancements with the green screen and the technology used to create dynamic backgrounds, since the original concept began. 

First, it is important to explain the purpose of the green screen, before going into the tremendous benefits.  The green screen allows you to put any background you want into the video.  During the filming, you simply stand in front of a green background and present your message.  After the shoot is over, a digital artist will go back and incorporate an image into the background.  The result is a high quality video that can be used as a TV commercial or Web video that will increase your client conversion rate.

There are many incredible advantages to filming at a green screen studio, including:

1.    Cost effectiveness: With the green screen, you don’t have to shoot multiple videos if you want different backgrounds, which can ultimately save you money.

2.    Endless options: A green screen gives you a significantly higher amount of background alternatives.  You can use a background with your business logo and contact information or one that incorporates the teaching points from your video message.

3.    Saves time: Because you can complete one video shoot and still have numerous backgrounds, you are able to save time.

4.    No delays: You don’t have to rely on the weather or the availability of a particular shooting location, when you have access to a green screen.

At Gearshift TV, we have a custom-built green screen studio, as well as the technology necessary to produce professional and high quality videos.  For more information about our video production services available in Virginia and nationwide, contact us at 877.477.STUDIO.