The Biggest Challenges in Setting Up a Green Screen

The green screen is not new to video production and has been a tool used for decades.  It allows digital artists to alter the background of the video, using virtually any image that is desired.  The options that are available with a green screen are endless.

While a green screen provides many benefits, it can be challenging to work with, if you don’t know what you are doing.  The biggest challenges that people face with the green screen are obtaining even lighting and avoiding shadows. 

Ideally, you want to have as narrow a color range as possible.  Even the material you use to create the green screen can impact the lighting.  For example, a shiny surface will have areas that reflect the light, while a matte surface will diffuse reflected light and produce a more even color range.

When shadows are created, they can appear as a darker color to the camera and their placement may not be registered.  You often see this problem in low-budget films.

At Gearshift TV, we are experts in producing video using a green screen.  We have a whole studio designed around this concept.  Our video professionals know how to obtain even lighting and combat shadows.  Plus, our digital artists are skilled in superimposing quality images into the background of videos.

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