ESB Advertising: Local Marketing Can Include Professional Commercials

Client Name: ESB Advertising
Type of Project: TV Commercials
Project Goal: Increase Phone Calls
Tools Used: Nikon/Sony Cameras & Adobe CS
Crew: Jim Folliard, Don Napoleon
Date of project: 2004-Present
Location: Northern Virginia
Price Range: $2,000 - $10,000
Results: Improved Online Conversion

A Great Partnership

I’ve been working with media buyer extraordinaire, Eiman Bassam, founder of ESB Advertising, since 2004. What Eiman does best is get his clients the best TV commercial spots. His relationships with television stations and sales reps run deep, and because of this he is able to garner top spots on major networks such as NBC, FOX, CBS and ABC. Our role at ESB is to help come up with  concepts for his client’s commercials, and then produce them.

Jingle All the Way

We have fun integrating jingles for the commercials we produce for Eiman. Like any advertising agent worth his salt, Eiman knows that however annoying they may be, jingles work. Because of this we strive to produce commercials that get stuck in people’s heads: commercials that pop into your mind when you’re trying to decide where to buy your next car, your next pizza, even your next home!

High End Quality Increases Exposure

Aside from the jingle fun, what I love about the projects I do with Eiman is knowing that I’ll likely see my work while watching the evening news. I love that I am able to help local businesses make the most of their advertising dollar and get the exposure they need to succeed. Some of the local businesses that we regularly shoot commercials for include:

* Michael & Son

* Express Home Buyers

* Long Fence and Home

* Paisano’s Pizza

* Cabinet Discounters

Of course, we shoot all of the commercials that Eiman needs in 4K Ultra HD. This gives his clients the professional, high-end look they need to stay ahead of the competition. As for Eiman, he keeps me on my toes, always thinking of exciting ways to sell the good and services of his clients. And that’s another thing that I love about working with Eiman: the brainstorming.

Teamwork is the Key

Eiman and his team are awesome to work with. We get together and bounce ideas off one another, taking all of the commercials I shoot to the next level. This spirit of competitive fun is evident in the quality of the end product: the commercials we make for Eiman that consistently drive new customers through the front door of these awesome local businesses.

Got a Commercial?

If you don’t have a commercial, or if you need a better, more professional commercial, call 703.962.1270. Not convinced? Watch some of the best, most successful HD commercials we’ve shot. You won’t be disappointed! To see how Media Buying can help your business visit ESB's Website!

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