How Cutting Content Out of Your Online Video May Make it Better for Your Business

You don’t want to leave anything out. You want to make sure that you are making a web video that will be useful to your potential clients. However, our Fairfax video editors encourage you to not to include everything in one video. 

Why Less Is More for Your Web Video


Instead, we want you to create a well-done, concise video that is designed to meet your marketing needs. We want people to actually watch your video, to learn from it, and to be interested in your services. Accordingly, we encourage you to think about the following when you create an online video:


  • People don’t want to hear you ramble. You do not need to include everything that a potential client needs to know in one video. Instead, you may be better off creating a series of short videos.
  • It is okay to cut. You are not throwing away your family fortune. It is okay to cut out some of your video. It is part of the editing process. If you think that you have enough content for more than one video, then you may split your video into parts. Otherwise, take out what you don’t need and don’t look back.
  • Your goal is for a potential client to contact you. It is not to teach a course in criminal defense or encourage someone to make a will without any legal help. If you keep your goal in mind, then it may make it easier to cut unnecessary content from your online video.


Watch your video with these thoughts in mind, and you will likely come up with content to cut.

Contact a D.C. Video Editor for More Information About Effective Video Editing


It can be difficult to edit your own video. It is hard to cut the words that you spoke. However, it is also important to your success. For more information about how to edit an online video and for help getting it done, please contact our Fairfax web video editors today at 877-477-7883. We also encourage you to read our FREE book, Are You a Small Business Trying to Get Found on YouTube, for more tips on creating effective web video.