Video editing is not just about making content fit into a video of the right length – though it is also about that. Video editing is not just about taking out the bad parts of your video – though it is about that, too. Instead, great video editing is an art, and a video production specialist is the artist.


5 Components of Video Editing That Are Like Art


Editing a professional video may include the following activities:


  • Adjusting lighting
  • Adding graphics
  • Adding background music
  • Making sure transitions on the video are smooth
  • Breaking the video into small, well-designed clips


Just as no two painters paint exactly the same picture, no two video editors produce exactly the same video. Video producers see things their own way. Thus, it is important to look at a producer’s body of work and talk to the producer about his or her point of view before hiring the producer to produce your business video. You want to make sure that you work with a video editor who understands what you are trying to achieve and who has experience helping other businesses or professionals achieve their video-marketing goals.


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