If you're a relative beginner to the world of video production, you may be surprised to learn how many elements go into making a professional video clip, even one that only features a “talking head” sitting behind a desk. The sound and video come courtesy of your video camera or smartphone; the transitions and dissolves come from your video-editing software; and any incidental music, animations, voice-overs or supplemental clips (say, footage of a car accident taken by your local TV new station) have to be obtained from multiple sources. There are a lot of components to keep track of, and professional video producers have a name for the process: media management.


If you can barely wrap your mind around the prospect of shooting the raw footage for your law firm's video—and most lawyers, understandably, have more important things to do—you may be intimidated by the prospect of negotiating with news affiliates, voice-over talent agencies, professional animators, and/or special-effects experts. Not only is a lot of administrative work involved, but you also have to be very careful to secure the necessary rights. For example, you can't just download a picture from a news website and incorporate it into your video without asking for permission first, even if that image has already been widely disseminated on the Web.


At Gearshift, we know how much legwork can be involved in making even the simplest video clips. That's why we'll gladly take on the task of media management for you, so you can concentrate on your business instead of the nuts-and-bolts of your law firm's videos. Call today for a free consultation!

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