Stand Out from the Online Crowd with the Help of a Fairfax Video Editor


If you are considering creating an online video for your law firm, then you have likely browsed the internet to see what other attorneys are doing. You have likely seen many videos that are eerily similar. It seems that every attorney video features a lawyer in front of law books or at a desk promising to work hard to get a fair recovery and urging you to call for a free consultation.


Those “cookie cutter” law firm online videos are not good enough for you. They will not make you stand out from your competitors. They may not even result in more potential clients calling your firm.


Why You Should Stay Away from the Same Old Tired Videos


There are three important reasons why making the same video as everyone else is unlikely to help you and could even hurt you:


  • First, you may not be spending your marketing dollars wisely. If you don’t get a return on your investment, then there is no point in making a video.
  • Second, no one is going to remember they saw your video. If your video is like everyone else’s, then viewers will not remember to call you when they are ready to hire a lawyer.
  • Third, you are not providing any reason why potential clients should call you. If you don’t present a unique selling point in your video, then you are failing to tell potential clients why they should contact you as opposed to the lawyer down the street.


This does not have to be your fate. Instead, you can create an exciting and memorable video - all within the ethical bounds set by your state bar - and you can attract the clients that you want for your law firm.


You may even be able to use similar content. An experienced video editor will make that content exciting by making sure the lighting and audio are top of the line and by arranging your video in an exciting and professional way that is harder to achieve with simple video editing software.


Contact a Fairfax Online Video Specialist to Create a Unique, Ethical, and Affordable Video


To learn more, please contact an experienced Fairfax online video editor today at 877-477-7883. We also invite you to learn more about getting your video seen by the right people by reading our FREE book Are You a Small Business Trying to Get Found on YouTube.

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