Make Sure the Videos You're Editing Don't Unintentionally Offend Your Existing Clients

Professional Editing in Fairfax, Virginia

One common mistake that lawyers make when they're editing their videos is to forget all about their existing clients. This is an understandable lapse in judgment; after all, the reason you're posting a video clip on YouTube is to attract new clients, not to impress the ones you already have. The trouble is, if you present an entirely different image of your firm than your existing clients are accustomed to, they may well wind up befuddled and possibly even offended.

Remember: Your Videos Can Be Seen by Anyone, Even Existing Clients

How can one of your current clients possibly object to the video you post on YouTube? Well, there are a number of scenarios, such as:


  • Disparaging the kinds of cases you've handled for that client. “At Smith & Jones, we prefer to handle high-profile vehicle liability cases, not the hit-and-run lawsuits pursued by other lawyers.” The trouble is that you've just won a judgment for your existing client in a hit-and-run lawsuit.
  • Presenting an image of your firm that's completely at odds with the experience of your existing clients. If you're going to show the plush interiors and capacious conference rooms of your law office, you had better be sure that they really are from your law office because an existing client might notice the discrepancy!
  • Downplaying your area of expertise in favor of something more lucrative. If your existing clients have depended on you for tax advice for the last 30 years, they may be surprised to suddenly learn that you consider yourself to be a medical malpractice firm.
  • Exaggerating your availability and responsiveness. If your current clients have difficulty reaching you by cellphone or email, a shot of you sitting at your desk and answering your phone on the first ring might rub them the wrong way.

What's the Best Way to Avoid Offending Your Clients? Be Honest

What all the above scenarios have in common is that they potentially allow your existing clients to catch you in a lie—or, if “lie” is too strong a word, a severe bending of the truth. At Gearshift, we know that the best promotional videos are the ones that present your firm honestly and factually, with no exaggeration or dubious claims. And we know that a mistake in the editing process can unintentionally turn off your existing clients. Call our video editing experts today at 877-477-7883 for a free consultation!