You’ve made a great video. The content is original and interesting. The editing was top notch, and any business or professional firm would be proud to have it displayed on its website. However, that video may be meaningless if it is not properly encoded.


What Is Video Encoding and Why Is It Important?


Video encoding is a way of coding the video so that is can be seen on any type of device - whether it be the latest laptop, an old desktop, an iPad, or an Android cell phone. Without proper encoding, a video may not be seen properly on some devices, which could lead to frustration and the loss of potential clients.

People who are interested in watching your video may become your future customers or clients if they like what they see. However, first they have to see it and see it in good quality.

Encoding is not as simple as hitting a button on a program that says “encode” or something similar. That may work for some videos and on some devices, but it is not good enough for your business or firm.


Call a Professional Fairfax Video Encoder and Editor


An experienced DC video encoder will take into account your specific video and all of the different devices it may be seen on in the future. Your encoder, videographer, and editor will work hard to make sure that your video is of the highest quality and will help you convert viewers into customers and clients.

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