If Your Video Is Poorly Edited, Practically No One Will Watch It


Have you ever seen a TV commercial that, on the face of it, has all the necessary ingredients for success - a fun product, an attractive spokesmodel, a clever script - yet still falls flat on the screen? Usually that's because there's something slightly "off" about the way the ad has been edited, and the poor editing muffles the commercial's intended impact. Don't let this happen to your law firm's YouTube video!


A Poorly Edited Video Will Fail to Come Alive on the Screen


It's not only television that's unforgiving to poorly edited videos. A video's flaws are even more apparent on YouTube, whether that clip is viewed on a tablet, a smartphone, or even an old-fashioned computer. Viewers will immediately notice if:


  • The video format doesn't "match" from one cut to the next, which can be a jarring effect if it isn't done intentionally.
  • The sound is muffled or set at too high or too low a level, which can ruin the viewing experience and cause a visitor to immediately close the video.
  • The video as a whole doesn't tell a cohesive story, not because it's meant to be avant-garde but because its editor didn't know what he was doing.
  • The entire video has a pale, washed-out feel, with faded colors and a noticeable lack of contrast compared to other YouTube offerings.
  • The video is much too long and repetitive, consistently repeating its key points in a way that antagonizes rather than attracts the viewer.


Don't Let a Poorly Edited Video Reflect Badly on Your Law Firm


Unless your video is so jaw-droppingly bad that it becomes an unintentional YouTube sensation, a poorly edited YouTube clip will be seen by practically no one. At Gearshift, we know that editing is every bit as important for a successful YouTube video as the setting and the "talking heads." Call our video editing experts today at 877-477-7883 to set up a free consultation!