Do all website video editors include encoding in their editing services, or is that something that I need to ask about before hiring an editor?

Our Fairfax video editors can’t speak to what all video editors in Washington, D.C. and surrounding areas do, but we can encourage you to ask questions. It is important not only to ask if editing services including encoding services but also to ask specific questions about encoding.

Even if you don’t know much about the technical encoding process, there are questions that you can ask. Specifically, you can inquire about things such as the editor’s success rate with encoding and whether proper encoding for a large variety of devices is an editing priority.

You can have the best online video out there. Yours can be clearly superior to the millions of others available on the internet. However, if your video cannot easily be seen without frustration by anyone who wants to view it, regardless of the device they are using to watch it, then your video is not going to achieve your marketing goals.

Thus, it is important to make sure that your Fairfax online video editor is ready to encode and edit your video so that your message is heard by everyone who wants to listen.

For more information about website video editing and encoding, please contact our experienced video editors at Gearshift. We can be reached via this website or at 877-477-7883. We also encourage you to learn more about how to get your online video seen in our FREE book Are You a Small Business Trying to Get Found on YouTube.


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