I'd like to put a candid, humorous shot of myself on my company's website. Is that okay?

Well, to a certain extent, that depends on what you're trying to market with your site. If you're a DC-area tattoo parlor, your customers may relate to a photograph of you trying to balance on a Harley-Davidson while holding an empty beer keg. But, if you're the senior partner of a law firm or a plumber trying to attract new clients, the message you're sending won't be "ordinary guy;" it'll be "guy who doesn't have the judgment to know what kind of photographs to post on his website."


A few years ago, this wouldn't even have been an issue. A professional website would be expected to only have tasteful, professional photos. You can blame this new trend on Facebook, where people are so used to sharing candid, embarrassing photographs with one another that they don't realize when they're crossing a line and revealing their immaturity for all the world to see. Just think of all those would-be future CEOs who uploaded compromising photos while they were in college; they may later have had the good judgment to take them down, but, if anyone copied them in the meantime, they can potentially pop up years down the road.


At Gearshift, we know that it helps to show your personality and goofy sense of humor on your company's website, but there's a line you should never cross for fear of repelling rather than attracting potential customers. Questions? Call our photography professionals at 877-477-7883 to learn more today!

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